Overview of the metaverse profile, some notes on the metaverse

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The metaverse, also known as the postulated universe, meta-universe, meta-realm, chimera, supersensible space, and virtual space, is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connectivity.

Metaverse focuses on a persistent and decentralized online 3D virtual environment. This virtual environment will be accessible through virtual reality glasses, augmented reality glasses, cell phones, personal computers, and video game consoles.


The concept of metaverse has been used in a limited way in platforms such as VRChat or in games such as Second Life. The metaverse has considerable potential in computer games, business, education, retail and real estate.

In terms of utilization, the metaverse is currently limited primarily by the technical limitations of the hardware devices and sensors required to interact with real-time virtual environments.

Many companies, such as Meta, Robot Bricks, Valve, Epic Games, Byte Jump, and Microsoft, are investing in metaverse technology to make it more cost effective and expand its use.

 A metaverse can be thought of as a huge application with all kinds of off-the-shelf technologies, i.e. a virtual space. This virtual space requires various technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine vision. People who care about the metaverse

Those who are concerned about the metaverse are also concerned about message privacy and user addiction, which are challenges that all social media and computer game industries are facing today. 

The metaverse includes both material and virtual worlds, an independently functioning economic system, and the transferability of avatars and digital assets across different parts of the metaverse.

 The metaverse will be decentralized (no centralized, unified governing body) and there will be many companies and individuals operating their own spaces within the metaverse.

 Other features of the metaverse include digital persistence and synchronization, which means that all events in the metaverse occur in real time and have a permanent impact.

 The metaverse ecosystem contains user-centric elements such as avatars, identity, content creation, virtual economies, social acceptability, security and privacy, and trust and responsibility. 

The metaverse contains many application possibilities. The ideal metaverse allows users to perform any experience or activity or address almost any of their needs, so ideally it can be applied to anything. 

In the business world, metaverse can be used in virtual office platforms where users can collaborate virtually in a 3D environment that simulates an office environment. Examples of this include Meta's Horizon Workrooms and Microsoft's Mesh, which can further enable employees to work virtually from anywhere, reducing the need to live in the city. 

In education, metaverse can be used to conduct field trips anywhere and at any point in history. 2021, NVIDIA is developing a metaverse infrastructure project called Omniverse, which allows developers around the world to collaborate in real time to build metaverse content creation software. together Labs is also working on technology to create realistic avatars that will use artificial intelligence to bring historical figures back to life seemingly. 

In real estate, the metaverse could be used for realistic virtual home tours. NFT virtual real estate is also a new market. One example is "Mars House", an NFT house sold for $500,000 in 2021.

 In the music sector, some artists have held meta-universe concerts in games such as "My World", "Machine Bricks" and "Fortnite" in recent years, with rapper Travis Scott generating $20 million in revenue from a concert he started in "Fortnite" in 2020. 

In the integration space, in February 2022 HTC VIVE launched the VIVERSE metaverse ecosystem, consisting of its 5G products, VIVE VR devices, and partners such as ENGAGE and VRChat, allowing users and non-users to experience the metaverse world through VR devices and smartphones.

 Business owners will also be able to use the metaverse, including launching a virtual version of their physical facilities and providing a more immersive online shopping experience. Customers will be able to visit virtual shopping malls and try virtual 3D items that are life-size, which will reduce product uncertainty when shopping online and give users more peace of mind when shopping

 The existing application technology includes virtual reality (VR), and the future brain-computer interface technology is expected to be applied to virtual reality. However, the U.S. technology giant Elon Musk scoffed at Meta's meta-universe, laughing that "no one would want to strap a screen to their face all day. 

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