Meta-universe grade virtual asset prices "fluctuate"

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In a report released by Deloitte, it was noted that virtual real estate deals in 2021 exceeded $350 million, and while 21% of respondents said they were not interested in any areas related to the metaverse, 35% of respondents were "researching" more features of the metaverse than "researching More respondents are "researching" any other identified emerging technology.

Why virtual asset prices "fluctuate"

The reporter noticed that while the price of virtual real estate is going down, the price of virtual currency is going up.

On April 11, the market showed that the virtual currency rose, and the price of bitcoin stood at a high of $30,000, which is also the highest point of bitcoin price since June 2022.

In fact virtual asset prices have always been up and down, with bitcoin peaking at over $68,000 and now at less than half of that time. The same goes for NFT collections, where someone is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a pixel "avatar" or over $100 to buy a "shrimp painted by Qi Baishi", and there are even countless free NFT digital collections.

This virtual property prices shrink significantly, coupled with a new round of layoffs at Meta since this year; Tencent adjusts the XR team; Microsoft in mixed reality hardware (MR) HoloLens and Xbox and other departments layoffs, etc., the voice of the bearish meta-universe has been rising and falling.

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