Smart home industry will usher in a new opportunity for development under the AI wave

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In recent years, smart home has become an integral part of home decoration. The development of smart home technology not only makes our homes more convenient and comfortable, but also brings unprecedented convenience to future life. In this article, we will discuss the latest trends and future directions of smart home technology.

I. Popularity of Home Ecosystem

The future smart home will no longer be a single function in isolation, but a system built on top of the whole home ecology. This system will contain a variety of smart devices, such as: smart lamps and lanterns, smart audio, smart curtains and so on, and through the intelligent center control, so that all smart devices at home to achieve more intelligent linkage.

The popularity of the home ecosystem means that the communication protocols and interfaces of smart devices will be more standardized and unified, so that the docking of smart home and home ecosystem becomes smoother and more stable.

II. the popularity of intelligent voice programs

In recent years, the rapid popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistants has also promoted the development of smart homes. Smart voice assistants, represented by Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant, have gradually entered the smart home field and become an integral part of the future smart home.

The application of voice assistant technology will make the control of smart home more convenient, not only can realize the basic functions such as voice-controlled switch, voice-controlled heating, voice-controlled music, etc., but also can carry out intelligent scene linkage according to our voice intention, for example, say "good night" before going to bed at night, and the system will automatically turn off all lights and electrical equipment.

III. The combination of vision and intelligence

The future smart home will also redefine our relationship with the interior design of the house, as well as the association of walls, furniture, household appliances and other aspects. Through the chemistry of smart home, we will be able to realize the intelligence of home design and color matching, so that the whole home space will be designed in a more coordinated and harmonious way.

Smart home will also provide more human-computer interaction modes based on physical sense and vision. For example, when family members come home, the facial recognition function of smart home can automatically identify the facial features of family members and realize intelligent linkage according to the personalized needs and operation scenarios of family members.

IV. the strengthening of intelligent security system

The popularity of energy home will also bring the hidden danger of security, such as: smart device networking being hacked, smart lock being attacked by lock picking, etc. But at the same time, the development of intelligent security system will also keep pace with smart home and strengthen the security protection of smart home.

The future smart home will provide more intelligent security management solutions, such as: remote video monitoring, intelligent access control lock, all-round security warning, etc., to better protect our family security.


The popularity of smart home is helping us to realize the change of life style. The smart home of the future will become a living environment system that better integrates all aspects of life. In the next few years, we will witness the continuous emergence of intelligent waves, and the future development of smart home is more in improving and enhancing people's quality of life, not just improving the intelligence of life.