"NFT technology" makes its own products into high-end luxury products

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I have to say that recently what blockchain these boards are really fire, I also went to learn a lot about this material, and the NFT technology is a response to all the bosses who want to build their own brand, and NFT is in the end how it is, the following I explain to you.

Today I want to give you a brief description of NFT technology. This technology allows each product to be abstracted into a code, and then mapped between the meta-universe world and the physical world. For example, if we take Leonardo da Vinci's paintings, the NFT nodes of all da Vinci's paintings can be mapped to the meta-universe world, equivalent to the ID in a traditional website or application, for example, paintings numbered 01 to 10001 can be attributed to you after physical delivery.


Each painting has a serial number to publicly display the attribution and can solve the problem of credibility and value traceability in the transaction process. In addition, NFT technology can also flow financial attributes, allowing those who have previously owned the painting to enjoy the dividends of appreciation. Finally, I would like to say that NFT technology can help us create a new high-end luxury brand, which requires not only new trends, new technologies, new ideas, new marketing solutions, but also some technologies like NFT.

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