Major global institutional players accelerate their presence in digital currency industry in 2022

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Despite the crypto market entering a bear market in 2022, with concentrated organizations such as LUNA, Three Arrows, FTX, BlockFi and others bursting into flames one after another. In fact, leading organizations and companies in various sectors are rapidly entering the digital currency industry. blockworks 2022 crypto layout by organization by month, translated for readers by golden finance xiaozou.


--CashApp offers users a lightning network service.

--Twitter releases NFT integration.

--Robinhood opens crypto money clip detection.


--KPMG Canada adds General BTC/ETH to its balance sheet.

--Tweets boost ETH bounty role.

--GameStop and ImmutableX Gaming Fund $100 million.

--ConocoPhillips operates bitcoin mining operations.

-- Bank of New York Mellon and Chainalysis track and analyze crypto commodities.

--Intel runs crypto coin mining solution.

--Jpmorgan Chase releases research on quantum key distribution blockchain network.

--Sling launches crypto payments industry partnership with bitpay.

-- Rakuten launches NFT trading site.


--CVSHealth submits trademark application for NFT and VR.

-- State Street Bank and Copper offer digital currency custody services.

--J.P. Morgan and TRM blockchain security application compliance technology.

--billboard and Universal Music Group partner to launch NFT project.

--tencent files patent for metaverse concert.

--MisfitsGaming announces collaboration with Tezos.

-- Baidu announced the release of NFT platform.


--Fidelity allows customers to deposit BTC into 401k accounts.

--Robinhood Lightning Network integration.

--Tesla, Blockstream and Block release solar-powered bitcoin mining equipment in Texas.

--Stripe applies USDC payments.

--LBMA applies blockchain apps for supply chain and fraud prevention.

--Justice Card, Nexo and DiPocket partner to release crypto credit cards.

-- Commerzbank applies for a local digital currency licence.

--Stripe and Polygon allow customers to apply USDC payments.


--Meta and Polygon collaborate on NFT integration.

--Instagram for NFT in Ether, Solana, Flow and Polygon.

--Cloudflare Ether pledging begins.

--LGT Bank to offer digital currency services.

--Release of De Beers' based NFT project.

--Stripe and Opennode apply fiat to BTC swap.

--Moneygram and Stellar blockchain applied to customer push in exchange for stable currencies.


--PayPal applies transfers of BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC to external money clips.

--Citadel and VirtuFinancial to establish crypto trade marketplace.

--American Express released merchandise that allows customers to earn digital currency rewards.

--Chipotle partners with Flexa to accept crypto payments in US shops.

--Apple and Block collaborate to integrate Square Pay with "TaptoPay" in the iPhone.

--Checkoutcom offers merchants a timely service for exchanging fiat to stable currency.

--Splyt and BinancePay help cryptocurrency-secure customers in more than 70 countries to order online cabs and enjoy a better travel and spending experience.

-- Shell, Accenture and US Transportation announce Avelia, blockchain-powered data sustainable aviation fuel SAF solution for booking claims.


-- Christie's creates Web3 venture fund.

-- GameStop releases public beta version of NFT Marketplace.

--The Crown Prince of Dubai presents the most ambitious proposal for the place, the "Meta-Universe Strategy".

--BNP Paribas and Metaco enter into a digital currency escrow partnership.

--SMBC and Hashport jointly develop the Web3 project.

--Barclays Copper buys $2 billion of crypto equity.


--BlackRock offers digital currency services to organisational users.

--China Database Technology Conference launches its own blockchain.

--Meta releases NFT integration based on multiple money clips.

--Reddit to integrate with Vault for Ether purchase services.

--Money Security and Mastercard launch Digital Currency-France Money Savings Card in Argentina.

-- Tiffany Enterprises announces the sale of 250 pendants for CryptoPunkNFT holders.

--PayPal applies to digital currencies.

--F applies for crypto trademark is the 2023 Las Vegas Challenge.


--Nasdaq announces release of crypto hosting service.

--T-Mobile signs five-year agreement with Helium.

--Carlson Capital, Citadel and Fidelity launch cryptocurrency exchange EDXMarkets.

-- Swift and Symbiont blockchain pilot venture Data announced its formation.


--Google Cloud collaborates with Coinbase for Web Three to carry out digital currency payments.

-- Lugano gradually accepts KFC Tether and BTC payments in Swiss Town.

--Justice Card partners with Paxos to offer cryptocurrency transactions to banks.

--Justica partners, checks and prevents fraud with Ciphertrace.

-- Fidelity added the Ether Index Fund.

--Jpmorgan Chase collaborates with Visa to simplify cross-border payment steps using Liink and B2BConnect.

-- Bank of New York Mellon allows customers to hold BTC and ETH in escrow.

--Flamengo will take to releasing Web3 merchandise in multiple partnerships with MoonPay.

-- Rio de Janeiro will accept the application of digital currency to pay real estate taxes.

-- Google releases services for ethereum developers based on the node module of the cloud.


-- Arweave integrates to Meta archiving creators' digital collections.

--J.P. Morgan and Singapore's central bank reach first DeFi sale and purchase.

-- Exploring Sony NFT and blockchain in the gaming space.

--Nike and Polygon launch new "wearable data device" platform.

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