Yokosuka City Hall announces that it will officially use ChatGPT to improve efficiency

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Kyodo News, June 5, Japan's local governments across the country to try to use artificial intelligence (AI) chat software "ChatGPT" in the work of Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced the results of verification, said the use of the beginning of April after the production of documents and other work efficiency has improved. Mayor Katsuaki Uechi affirmed at a press conference, saying, "It's a very good tool." From that day, the system was officially used.

According to Yokosuka City, about half of the employees use the tool for summarizing articles, making ideas, and searching. The city estimates that by continuing to use ChatGPT, employees will be able to reduce their daily working time by at least 10 minutes. On the other hand, about half of the employees who responded to the Yokosuka City survey expressed dissatisfaction with the accuracy of the responses given by ChatGPT. The city says it needs the "questioning ability" to elicit appropriate answers, and aims to improve employees' skills through expert advice and competitions using examples.

Yokosuka City prohibits the entry of personal information because of concerns about the leakage of highly confidential information through ChatGPT. The mayor of Uechi introduced the significance, saying, "This will also drive down labor costs. It is important to realize the artificial intelligence of work."

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